How to monetize your free time with mobile apps

5 apps to earn money in your free time with your cell phone and internet access.


If you have a cell phone with internet access and are looking for a way to make money with your free time, don't worry because there are many applications that can help with this task.

One of the most popular money-making apps is Uber. It is a private transport application that allows you to be a driver and earn money according to your time availability. To become an Uber driver, simply register on the app and go through a verification and selection process.


Another very popular app is Airbnb. It allows you to rent out spaces in your home or apartment to travelers. You can rent the extra room in the house or even the entire house, depending on your availability. Airbnb charges a fee for the service, but you can choose the price you want to charge for your home.

A very well-known sales app is Mercado Livre. There, you can sell anything you want, as long as it is allowed by the site's policy. You can sell products that you no longer use or even products that you produce at home, such as handicrafts.

If you like taking surveys and giving your opinion on products, you can use the Toluna app. It pays its users to answer online surveys on various topics, such as products, services and even movies.


Finally, an application that is becoming increasingly popular is iFood. It allows you to deliver food to customers in your area. Just register on the app and choose the orders you want to fulfill.

These are just a few examples of apps that can help you monetize your free time. There are many other apps available for different profiles and interests. Just search and find what best fits your profile.

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