Don't be left out: check out apps to watch live American football games

“Watch NFL games in Brazil through smartphone applications: discover the options available”


If you're a fan of American football, you know that it's difficult to find live broadcasts of games in Brazil. However, there are smartphone applications that allow you to watch games live or deferred.

One of the most popular apps is NFL Game Pass, which offers streaming of all regular season and playoff games. To access the app, you must subscribe to a monthly or annual plan.


Another option is Esporte Interativo Plus, which broadcasts NFL games, as well as other sports, such as football, basketball and volleyball. The app also offers the option of a monthly or annual subscription.

For those who want a free option, WatchESPN is an interesting choice. The app lets you watch select American football games and other sporting events live, as long as you have a pay TV provider that supports the service.

Finally, FOX Sports also broadcasts some live NFL games. Subscribing to the app costs around R$12 per month.


In short, it is possible to watch NFL games in Brazil through applications available for smartphones. It is important to remember that, to access some of the free apps, you must have a pay TV provider that supports the services. But it's worth staying up to date with the available options so you don't miss any of your favorite team's moves.

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