How to use music apps to improve your productivity at work

Music apps to increase your productivity at work


Music is capable of profoundly influencing our mood and state of mind. The right choice of sounds can improve focus, increase motivation and, of course, make a work environment more pleasant. Therefore, we have selected some music apps that can make your daily tasks more productive.

Spotify: one of the most famous apps in the world, offers different playlists for different times of the day and activities. Additionally, you can create your own playlist or find lists shared by other users.

Focus@will: the purpose of this application is to make the work environment more focused. Its music is composed of several melodies optimized to improve the ability to concentrate and retain information. It is especially useful during writing or activities that require high attention to detail.

Adverts another app that uses music as a tool to improve productivity. It offers specially created playlists to help users focus and relax.

Noisli: this application allows the user to choose between several ambient sound options, such as white noise, rain sounds, birds, among others. Ideal for use in noisy work environments or to improve your concentration.

Ambify: application for Mac and iPhone users that turns the work environment into a real party. It synchronizes your device's lights with the music being played, creating a more lively and relaxed environment.


Music can be a great ally when it comes to increasing productivity, but it's important to remember that not all types of music will be effective for everyone. Some people prefer to work in absolute silence, while others find it difficult to concentrate without some background music.

Try some of these apps and find out which music works best for you and your team. They will definitely help make your working hours more productive and enjoyable.

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