Deezer, Spotify and other options: which music app to choose?

Deezer vs Spotify: Which is the best music app for you?


With so many music app options available, it can be difficult to choose which one to use. In this article, we will analyze two of the most popular: Deezer and Spotify.

Deezer offers a vast music library, with more than 56 million tracks available. It also offers features like personalized playlists and radio stations based on artists or music genres. Additionally, Deezer offers access to podcasts and Kobo's digital book catalog.


Spotify also has a large music library, with more than 70 million tracks, as well as podcasts and a section dedicated to audiobooks. It also has personalized playlists and music sharing features with friends. Other advantages of Spotify include access to live events and integration with voice devices such as Amazon Echo.

Both apps offer free and paid plans. On Deezer, the free plan has ads and feature limitations, while the paid plan offers additional features and ad removal. On Spotify, the free plan is limited in features and has ads, while the Premium plan offers full features and no ads.

So which of these apps is the best? This will depend on your specific needs. If you're looking for a large music library with additional features, as well as access to podcasts and audiobooks, you might consider Deezer. If you value an even larger library, as well as music sharing features and integration with voice devices, Spotify may be the best option.


The best tip is to try both music apps and see which one best suits your personal needs and preferences. Both apps offer a free trial period, allowing you to try them out before deciding which one is best for you.

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