Earning money with cashback apps

Discover how to earn money back on your purchases with cashback apps: a simple and smart way to save and increase your income.


Making money is always good, right? What if I told you that you could earn cash back on your purchases? That's right, it's possible with cashback apps!

But what is cashback? Basically, it's a system where you receive a percentage of the purchase price back in the form of a credit to your account. This credit can be used to make new purchases, or even be transferred to your bank account.

There are several cashback app options available, each with its own particularities and benefits. Some examples are: Méliuz, Ame Digital, Mooba, Beblue, PicPay, among others.


These apps work simply: you make a purchase at a partner store and then an amount is credited to your app account. Some even offer exclusive promotions and discounts for users.

Using these apps is a great way to save money and earn extra. For example, if you make a purchase of R$100 at a partner store that offers 5% cashback, you will receive R$5 back in your app account.

Additionally, some apps offer a referral program, where you can earn a percentage of cashback from your friends who sign up through your invitation.


So, if you are always shopping online or in stores that partner with cashback apps, this is an excellent opportunity to save and earn money back. It's worth checking out and taking advantage of this smart idea to increase your income!

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