Immerse yourself in English culture with these English teaching apps

5 apps to learn English in an efficient and fun way.


English culture has always enchanted many Brazilians. Whether through music, literature, cinema or gastronomy, it is difficult not to be impressed by the richness of this country. Therefore, learning English can be a very fruitful and rewarding task. But how to do this?

Fortunately, there are several applications designed especially to teach English in an efficient and fun way. Here are some of them:


1. Duolingo: one of the most popular language teaching apps, Duolingo offers fun and very interactive classes. With a scoring system and an engaged community, it is possible to learn English in a progressive and rewarding way.

2. Babbel: with practical lessons and conversation exercises, Babbel is a great tool for anyone who wants to improve their English speaking and writing skills. Furthermore, it also offers the possibility of learning idiomatic expressions and slang.

3. Memrise: Memrise stands out for offering a teaching method based on memorizing words and phrases. With a vast catalog of vocabulary and interactive games, the application helps you build a solid foundation of knowledge in English.


4. Busuu: in addition to offering complete grammar and vocabulary classes, Busuu also provides a pronunciation correction feature. This way, you can improve your speaking and listening comprehension in English.

5. HelloTalk: This app allows users to contact native English speakers. This way, it is possible to practice the language with real people in informal, everyday conversations. In addition, HelloTalk also offers translation and grammar correction tools.

Overall, these English teaching apps can be an interesting and affordable way to immerse yourself in the rich English culture. With their help, it is possible to acquire skills ranging from reading literary classics to understanding series and films in English. So, don't waste time and start exploring these tools!

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