Games that help develop cognitive skills

Developing cognitive skills: how games can be an effective tool for learning and entertainment.


Games are an effective form of entertainment and fun, but that's not all they have to offer. There are games that can help develop cognitive skills, that is, mental skills that assist in the process of learning, memory, logical reasoning and problem solving.

Games can be divided into different categories, each focused on developing specific skills. Some examples are word games, which help improve vocabulary and communication; board games, which encourage strategic reasoning; and puzzle games, which improve problem-solving skills.

A well-known game that helps develop cognitive skills is chess. This ancient board game requires a high level of concentration and strategic planning, in addition to helping to stimulate memory and the ability to predict the opponent's movements.


Another game that can improve cognitive skills is Sudoku, a logic game that aims to fill a board with numbers without repeating in rows or columns. This game helps develop visual perception, mathematical reasoning and problem solving.

Electronic games can also be excellent options for developing cognitive skills. Strategy games, such as Age of Empires or Civilization, help improve logical reasoning, decision making and long-term planning. Puzzle games, like Candy Crush, can help improve visual perception and problem-solving skills.

Finally, educational games are also great options for developing cognitive skills. Games that involve reading, such as hangman, can help improve vocabulary and the ability to interpret texts. Math games, such as the Operations Game, can improve mathematical reasoning and equation-solving skills.


Therefore, games are great tools for developing cognitive skills. In addition to being fun and stimulating, they help improve mental capacity, making them an excellent entertainment and learning option.

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