The best free English apps for beginners

The best free apps to learn English in an easy and fun way.


If you are wanting to learn English, there are several free app options to help you with this endeavor. Discover the best of them now!

1. Duolingo – This one is well known. With games and activities, it teaches vocabulary, basic grammar and pronunciation. All this in a fun and easy to use way.


2. Babbel – With a methodology that is based on the practical use of the language, Babbel focuses on conversation. It also includes oral and written comprehension activities.

3. Busuu – Offers interactive lessons and dialogues with native speakers, in addition to correcting your pronunciation and writing through voice recognition. It is an ideal option for those looking for more complete learning.

4. Memrise – Using memorization techniques, this application helps to fix words and phrases, helping to create mental connections and facilitating language retention.


5. Rosetta Stone – Last but not least, Rosetta Stone is one of the most renowned applications in language teaching. It uses visual representation to associate images and words, making learning more intuitive.

Choose what you like most and start improving your English now!

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