The best apps to track sports betting statistics.

The 6 best apps to track sports statistics and increase your chances of winning in betting.


If you are a fan of sports betting, you know that being up to date with all the statistics can be the difference in increasing your chances of winning. Therefore, we selected the best applications to monitor this data and improve your choices.

1. SofaScore: in addition to providing information on more than 20 sports, the application is extremely complete and offers information on lineups, player statistics, match history, current team form and much more.

2. FlashScore: with several features, it allows you to customize notifications for specific matches and also has a night mode for those who prefer to follow the games during the early hours of the morning.


3. Bet365: this application is essential for anyone who likes to bet, as it is the most popular betting platform in the world. In addition to tracking statistics, it is possible to bet directly from the app.

4. FotMob: ideal for those who want to follow game scores in real time. The application has the option to personalize the news feed, being able to choose which games and teams to follow.

5. ESPN: The ESPN app is complete and offers news, analysis, statistics and even video programs to update your sports knowledge.


6. OneFootball: with a complete calendar of games and statistics for the world's main competitions, the application even has a real-time goal notification option.

With these options, you will be able to delve even deeper into the statistics of the sports you follow and will have a complete arsenal to make the right decisions when betting. It is worth remembering that no application offers guarantees of winning, so bet responsibly.

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